Not Another Blog

When I decided that I wanted to help the masses and not only my really lucky and healthy individual clients, I got excited (like jumping around).  But after years of reading blogs on the topics of health, exercise, and cooking, I was afraid I would sound like just another blog.  Then I thought about all […]

Nice booty!

We all know that exercise is an essential ingredient in both physical and mental health. So why is it always the first thing we drop when life gets busy? Exercise needs to be scheduled into our days and weeks. It needs to be as important as grocery shopping, as critical as meeting with your tax […]

Eating Well

To eat well means to eat foods that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit.  Watch for upcoming awesomeness in the areas of meal planning, grocery shopping, eating out, recipes, and gluten-free living! The Exuberant Lives eating well philosophy is to eat foods that are fresh, whole, unprocessed, organic (where possible), and low-glycemic. Foods with […]

Eating Well: Glycemic Index

Glycemic index (GI) is the relative rate in which a particular food will raise blood sugar levels. Each food has an index, with the food control being glucose, at a GI of 100.  Here is a table with the glycemic indices of a few common foods: FOOD GI FOOD GI Glucose 100 Carrot 71 Potato, […]

Mindful Living

Are you ready to experience greater health, happiness, and inner calm? Bring it! I am exuberant about sharing mindfulness with you.  Once you get some of this going on, even in little bits, your life will change! Expected results be more productive at your job, or at anything be kinder and more patient with others […]