Qigong Jitters

Tomorrow I am starting a Qigong Practice Group in my small town in rural northern Alberta, where many voices are not like mine.  What will I do if no one comes?  Also, I am nervous about teaching something to others that resonates so deeply with me, but may not for them; I’m putting myself way […]

Being Mindful of Mindfulness

Lately, the word “mindfulness” is tossed around as frequently as a beach ball at a rock concert (at least the rock concerts of the 80’s. I’m not sure if they still do that. . .).  With all this common usage of mindfulness, are we practicing it more, or has it simply become a buzzword? I […]

Edamamole (as in guacamole)

This is a great-tasting, healthier, and lower-fat version of guacamole.  I brought this appetizer to a friend’s house this weekend and everyone wanted the recipe!  The broccoli beefs up the vitamin quotient while the edamame beans increase the protein, making this a great nutritionally balanced snack.  I adapted this recipe slightly from the one in […]