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…and get the health outta the way! This Five Week Program will serve as a crash course in low-glycemic eating and will start the hormonal change your are seeking for permanent results.  There are on-going weekly support calls for this program. Registration is now CLOSED! Contact me to get on the wait list for the […]

Twelve Weeks Health’s Bells! Let’s Rock it Out!

This program goes the distance to help you meet your goals, implement solid lifestyle changes, and has the amazing benefit of developing a mindfulness practice.  The result? You will be aware of your patterns and habits, you will get closer to your life goals and dreams, and you will handle stress and relationships from a […]

Eight Weeks on the Highway to Health!

Picture yourself healthy, vibrant, and fit! Do you want to release weight? be accountable? choose healthy foods? have more energy? manage stress effectively? be more physically active? sleep better? learn to improve and protect your health?  I am dedicated to optimizing your health and well-being. This comprehensive eight-week wellness program will change your life permanently. […]