Eight Weeks on the Highway to Health!

Picture yourself healthy, vibrant, and fit!

Do you want to

  • release weight?
  • be accountable?
  • choose healthy foods?
  • have more energy?
  • manage stress effectively?
  • be more physically active?
  • sleep better?
  • learn to improve and protect your health?

 I am dedicated to optimizing your health and well-being.

This comprehensive eight-week wellness program will change your life permanently.

The Program

Your health is your most important asset!  You hold the key to your success; Exuberant Lives will teach you how to use this key to release your best you.  You will receive the tools and support required to make necessary changes to achieve health and wellness. Make the decision now to put your health first!  I will teach you how to integrate body and mind into your healthy, vibrant, and abundant life.  I am a natural health professional with a strong and successful coaching background.  I will provide you with education, support, empowerment, and accountability.

Bring your life into an exuberant state of health and happiness!

You will learn how to

  • select low glycemic foods (The true secret to healthy eating!).
  • change patterns and behaviours.
  • eat healthfully in restaurants.
  • choose powerful superfoods!
  • decipher food labels.
  • make healthy choices while travelling.
  • identify and avoid emotional eating.
  • maximize fat loss.
  • get the most out of exercise.

Exuberant Lives is different!

For changes to be permanent and sustainable, you must adopt a positive mental outlook to move you toward reaching your goals and renewing your health. This program will teach you how to approach your life and your diet with awareness, supporting you as you become aware of your motivations and obstacles preventing you from becoming truly healthy in body and mind.

Empowering psychological coaching will release your old beliefs and foster your new ones!

Be proactive!

If you value longevity and vitality, and want to become proactive instead of reactive with your health, then this is the lifestyle program for you!  You will benefit from this comprehensive program by gradually changing daily patterns that aren’t working into new ones that will have you feeling vibrant and energized.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to release weight, enhance your health, and experience vitality with Exuberant Lives!

Program includes

  • eight weekly personal sessions—via in-person, phone, or Skype.
  • weekly assignments and challenges.
  • personal weekly email check-in.
  • understanding low-glycemic eating
  • meal plan
  • recipes
  • lifestyle modification
  • stress relief
  • understanding food labels
  • navigating the grocery store
  • lots of support and motivation!

  Empowering you to create your vibrant life!