Mindful Living

Are you ready to experience greater health, happiness, and inner calm? Bring it!

I am exuberant about sharing mindfulness with you.  Once you get some of this going on, even in little bits, your life will change!

Expected results

  • be more productive at your job, or at anything
  • be kinder and more patient with others
  • learn to meditate if you choose
  • toxic or negative relationships will dissolve
  • life will be WAY more fun
  • your food will come from better sources
  • be and feel healthier
  • awareness that only good things go on or in your body
  • you may even feel more “connected.”  I leave this interpretation up to you, but I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Mindful Living is about being consciously present, experiencing life moment by moment, making decisions consciously, and making time to breathe. We spend much of our thought energy on past events; sometimes re-living or regretting them.  We also spend time worrying and planning for the future. All this reflection and projection can make us miss what is going on in the present.  Being present in the moment is where life takes place.

 Life is happening right now, right here.

Why not spend your energy on making this moment the best it can be? I will help you learn how to focus on the present moment, to slow down and observe.

If meditating is new to you, something you’ve always wanted to try, or you need support getting your practice back on track, I will guide you and support you to make this a regular part of your life. If you already meditate, hurrah! I can help enhance your current practice. You will experience significant benefits in all areas of your life by quieting your mind and thoughts, even for a few moments. You will expand your awareness and enjoyment of life. Life’s experiences will be more meaningful. Your relationships with your family and friends will deepen. You will look at life more expansively, yet more simply.


Mindful Living includes the following.

Mindful Meditation: mindful awareness of our bodies and our breath.

Mindful Nutrition: experiencing your eating like never before.  Observe and savour.  You will also examine the other ways in which you ”nourish” yourself.

Mindful exercise: mindful walking and stretching.  I will also help you to develop full awareness and appreciation of your body through various techniques and exercises.

Mindful choices: choosing your food consciously, with knowledge and awareness of how it got to your table, what resources it took to grow and transport it, whether there are chemicals present, and what foods are good for you. Also, mindfully choosing the household products you use on your body and around your home. Being aware of your daily chemical load is important! You can reduce it, doing your body and the environment a favour.

Learn how to find balance, allow yourself to heal, and create your new reality with our powerful eight-week mind-body wellness program and Seven weeks to Mindful Awareness (coming soon).


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