From water to wood: transitioning yourself from winter to spring

            According to Chinese philosophy, we (humans) are integral components of the universe. Further to this, we each are made up of our own small universe. Harmony exists when the universe (both big and small) is in balance. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, as the earth orbits […]

Two exercises (and a drink) to support your lovely liver

As June draws near, can you feel the energetic shift in the atmosphere? Those of us in the Northern hemisphere point our faces in the direction of the sun as we step outside. We pause. We smile as we feel warmth and light bathe our skin. As we unbutton our coats and quicken our steps, we […]

Let’s talk Asparagus!

I am an advocate for eating foods that naturally grow in the current season.  I am also an advocate of eating locally grown foods where possible. This can limit one’s diet, though, living in the boreal forest!  So. . . while aspen bark and rose hips may be very nutritive, I have learned to be […]

Five tips to help you get the most from spring

Spring is giving you energy! Are you receiving it? Springtime is a beautiful season of birth and renewal.  Nature is bursting with colour and sound.  A new cycle of growth and expansion is upon us! I love hearing the loons calling on the water nearby, the frogs and toads are singing so loudly, and the […]