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Let’s Play!

I want you to be able tune in and listen to the whispers that are guiding you.  I will be your guide. I want you to experience what it’s like to feel connected to your true self.  I want you to feel healthy, balanced, and vibrant. And I can help you with all of this. I have created programs that will help you to remove your earplugs, hear your whispers and songs, and infuse your heart with light. By doing this, you can re-gain your health and energy, shed excess pounds, and get to know your true higher self! By working with me, you will change the way you move through life, so much for the better.  You will be empowered with strategies on your journey.

Do you want to

  • be held accountable for self-care and self-love?
  • know how to help yourself in difficult situations?
  • learn simple, refreshing, and effective ways to improve your life and your health?
  • wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on the day?
  • Rid yourself and your body of pain and suffering?
  • know what to reach for other than a sugary doughnut at 3:00 in the afternoon?
  • feel like you can smoothly move through your life because you are aligned with your body and your purpose?
  • learn more about meditation and other stress-relieving techniques?

If so, then let’s talk! I am currently offering an initial private session for $250 +GST and a follow-up for $150 +GST in addition to the following comprehensive packages:


The Tweak

This package is for you if you have already done a lot of work on yourself; you are feeling pretty good; but there are a few things that are blocked or need adjusting. Does it feel like you are just off-centre? Maybe you need a reboot along with reminders of how to best move forward.  Your energy may be a bit stuck or you need some help shifting your perspective. Some energy healing and intuitive insight is just what you need! Click here for more details.


                                                                                               The Shift

This package is my middle of the road offering. You are not feeling the best, there is something missing from your life, and you would like to learn more self-care skills. You also need some guidance and support to help you make those much-needed changes. You may have aches and pains; need help with motivation and accountability; and want a connection to more in your life. This package will help you peel the layers off and get you to a balanced place. Click here for more details.


The Whole Healing Shebang

This is for you if you have tried everything else, feel like you have nowhere to turn, and are ready to make deep and meaningful changes. You need lots of support and guidance; you need someone who has your back. This programs offers high-end support verbally and energetically in between appointments. I will hold your hand to get you to where you need to be. This is where the rubber meets the road. You will experience a significant shift in energy, attitude, outlook, relationships, health, and purpose in life. This is where you get to shine! Go here to dig in!

NEW!! Finding Balanceprogram_balance_sml

This package is for you if you are looking for regular accountability and support, but don’t need a lot of healing. You would like support and guidance to implement a self-care and/or sacred practice into your life. My intuition will help you implement changes that are right for you at this time in your life. We will work together to design your self-care plan or sacred practice plan. This is my newest offering to support you in creating the life you want. Whether you simply need some exercises to shift your mood or you want to develop or enhance a meditation practice, our monthly calls will get you to that place of balance and peace. For more details, head over here!

Not sure which package is right for you? Let’s start with a free 30 minute Strategy Session. Click here to schedule yours.