The Shift -Healing Package

Let’s Play! The Shift

program_weight_lrgThis healing package is my middle of the road offering. You are not feeling the best, there is something missing from your life, and you would like to learn more self-care skills. You also need some guidance and support to help you make those much-needed changes. You may have aches and pains; need help with motivation and accountability; and want a connection to more in your life. This package will help you peel the layers off and get you to a balanced place.


This package includes:

  • Six live 30 minute sessions (phone or Skype) scheduled three weeks apart
  • Six energy balancing sessions (any blockages will be removed)
  • Auricular testing to determine whether you need additional support to remove blockages
  • Within 24 hours, you are sent your powerful, personalized, ready-to-act protocol. This protocol may include supplements and/or homeopathic remedies, and lifestyle suggestions that have been tested to work with YOUR body.
  • Email follow up after each session with a lifestyle protocol and results from energy work
  • Intuitive guidance included in email follow-up (messages to help you come through me and they are bang-on)
  • A road map to help you with your personal practice (lifestyle changes)
  • Two exercises and/or meditations for you to do at home; sent either by mP3 recording or video

Cost $1750 CAD, or three instalments of $609

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