The Tweak -Healing Package

Let’s Play! The Tweak



The Tweak healing package is for you if you have already done a lot of work on yourself; you are feeling pretty good; but there are a few things that are blocked or need adjusting. Does it feel like you are just off-centre? Maybe you need a reboot along with reminders of how to best move forward.  Your energy may be a bit stuck or you need some help shifting your perspective. Some energy healing and intuitive insight is just what you need!

This package includes:

  • Two live 30 minute sessions (phone or Skype) scheduled three weeks apart
  • Two energy balancing sessions (any blockages will be removed)
  • Email follow up after each session with a lifestyle protocol and results from energy work
  • Intuitive guidance included in email follow-up (messages to help you come through me and they are bang-on)
  • A road map to help you with your personal practice (lifestyle changes)
  • One exercise and/or meditation for you to do at home; sent either by mP3 recording or video

You will then be back on track, feel balanced and energized, and have a clear map to keep you moving forward.

Cost: $620.00 CAD

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