The Whole Healing Shebang

Let’s Play! The Whole Shebang!

program_shebang_lrgThis is my ultimate package. We work together in-depth for six months. I support, listen, and guide you; balance your energy, remove blockages, and help you choose the foods that are right for you. In this program we talk weekly and email or text in between. I energetically remove blockages and balance your energy one additional time per week. You be guided by me, but also by spirit as I get messages that are meant just for you. The best part is we meet for a Skype qigong practice every week, to help you connect and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This program is profound for change. By having regular and consistent healing and support, you will move forward and being to shine; feeling clearer, brighter, and lighterI am committed to helping you.  And you commit to showing up. I want you to be the best person you can be. I provide added intuition, guidance, and support to help you make change or discuss what is coming up for you as you are in the process of healing. Many clients have found this type of support very beneficial and gets them moving towards health much sooner than bi-weekly or monthly sessions. I also know my clients heal better when I see them consistently and they are held gently accountable. You will become more mindful and you will get results.

This package includes:

  • Weekly live 30 minute calls (phone or Skype)
  • Six energy balancing sessions (any blockages will be removed)
  • Six Auricular tests to determine any additional support to remove blockages and supplement protocols
  • Within 24 hours of each Auricular test, you are sent your powerful, personalized, ready-to-act protocol. This protocol may include supplements and/or homeopathic remedies, and lifestyle suggestions that have been tested to work with YOUR body.
  • Email follow up after each session with a lifestyle protocol and results from energy work
  • Intuitive guidance included in email follow-up (messages to help you come through me and they are bang-on)
  • A road map to help you with your personal practice (lifestyle changes)
  • Six exercises and/or meditations for you to do at home; sent either by mP3 recording or video
  • Weekly Skype meditation sessions
  • Up to four email and 10 texts per week for any additional support or questions you may have

I am your go-to gal. From “Why did I feel that way today?” to “What am I going to make for supper?” to “I need help with the pain in my back.” to “What is the best exercise for me today and how can I possibly fit it in?” I am on your side and have your back.  Support and energy balancing are oh-so powerful in making change, healing, and creating health and happiness.

The healing meditation I experienced from Sue today was so perfect words cannot even describe! She seemed to know exactly what I needed, she always does! She is able to see through all that is happening in my life and hone in on the main point of why I am feeling the way I am. After some insight, she does a healing on me that clears the issue I was having. If I feel myself slipping back into an old pattern, I know I have her support in between sessions. I leave feeling lighter, happy, and so much better! -Joanne

After my first session with Sue my chronic pain had lifted! After the second session I could feel my energy returning. After the third session people commented that the sparkle had returned to my eyes. I was empowered to make difficult decisions and positive changes in my life. I highly recommend working with Sue! -Karen

Cost $5200 or six payments of $895 over six months (this cost does not include GST, supplements or remedies if they are recommended; or hairstyling). Appointments must be set up at beginning of each month. Let’s get you shining!

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